Flexible Shaft Skylights

Skylights are an unobtrusive way to bring light to dim rooms and areas without sacrificing privacy. If the idea of having natural sunlight streaming across your breakfast table appeals to you, or you simply want to reduce your power bills, Acol Skylights have a product to suit your needs.

flexible-shaft-skylightsAcol's Supa-Lites are all fabricated with a highly durable aluminium ceiling frame, powdercoated white to match most interior decors. The balance of our range have a sturdy plastic ceiling frame which is simple to install and attractive to the eye. This frame houses a 4mm clear prismatic diffuser. Our diffusers consist of myriads of clear prisms which diffuse the light evenly over a wide area. This ensures the maximum light transmission and effectiveness of the product, while softening the light and nullifying glare. Opaque diffusers are also available upon request, for customers who wish for a more classic look.

The highly reflective flexible Mylar shaft offers the highest levels of light transference, while being versatile enough to ensure you can locate your ceiling frame exactly where you want, or allow you to work around the contours of your roof.


The Handi-Lite™ is the ideal DIY product, constructed with a soft malleable aluminium soaker tray which can be easily formed to suit your roof profile. The dome is made from tough, impact resistant, molded acrylic which filters out 95% of UV Radiation.

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Supa-Lites are our premium products. Our square and rectangular models differ from traditional skylights becasue instead of using molded domes we use rugged Lexan Thermoclear® Polycarbonate for our domes. Lexan Thermoclear® sheets weigh 70 times less than comparable double glazed glass; has 98% the light transmission of standard glass and twice that of opal domes. It also has an insulation value of 1.54. In addition the 6mm sheets are highly impact resistant for increased security. The double skinned skylights provide astonishing strength and the sealed air pockets between the layers provide an insulating barrier with noise reduction properties. The Supa-Lite is also available with a full range of options including Colorbond® flashings, Opal domes, and even Galvanised or Stainless Steel exterior fittings. When combined with a roof specific soaker tray and top of the range interior components the Supa-Lite really is the best skylight available on the Australian market.

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Premium Round Skylights

Acol’s premium round models are topped with a tough impact resistant molded dome which offers optimal UV resistance and surpasses all Australian Standards requirements for skylight strength and performance. Our premium round skylights are also available with a full range of options including Colorbond® flashings or galvanised exterior fittings. This combined with a roof specific soaker tray and top of the range interior components make our round skylight the obvious choice.

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We take pride in all the skylights in our range and believe that we have a light solution to meet all our customer's needs.

If you have any questions or need more information please don't hesitate to give us a call on 1800 010 566

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