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ACOL-Roof-WindowAcol Skylights manufactures an extensive range of quality Roof Windows to suit every situation. With a varied range of standard size roof windows, as well as the facilities to custom make a roof window to almost any specification, we are sure you will find a window the meets your requirements.

Our Windows are designed to be installed into almost any new or existing structure and allows designers, architects, renovators and builders the opportunity to bring light, air and life into any part of a building.

  • All Acol’s window frames are fabricated from High Strength Aluminium, not from painted timber. This ensures a superior long-lasting product without the need for painting or the risk of ROT!!
  • Acol Roof Windows can be installed to roofs with a pitch as low as 2 degrees.
  • We offer a full range of glazing options. See right.
  • All Acol’s windows can be fabricated with Colorbond® Flashings to ensure the best possible appearance for your home.
  • Our Windows are designed to be weatherproof when partially opened, even in light rain fall. The Roof Window's sash profile is shaped to shed rain, ice and snow.
  • Acol Roof Windows are fabricated with a roof-specific soaker tray (Tile, Deck, Corrugated, etc) to ensure the highest quality finish.
  • Our simple, one-piece assembly means easy installation, with no time wasted building the window yourself.
  • All of our Opening windows are supplied standard with a fitted Flyscreen and a sturdy chain operator for simple function.
  • Our internal frames feature a specialized inset, that allows plaster boards to sit flush for that professional finish.
  • Don’t forget the Acol Roof Window is all about choice. Options available include Motorized Opening Mechanisms and Extension Rod & Hook kits for out of reach windows, Solar Block-Out Blinds, Rain Sensors, Customized tinting, and even wall mounted Keypads.

Standard Roof Window Sizes

Standard Sizes Available
800mm x 550mm
1000mm x 550mm
1400mm x 550mm
1000mm x 800mm
1400mm x 800mm

Note: Nomanted size is indicative of exterior frame dimensions, not of glazed surface.

  • Custom size windows also available upon request
  • Double, Single or Specialty glazing available
  • Opening or Fixed windows options
  • Opening windows available with manual, electric or remote opening functions.
  • External Flashings Available in Colorbond upon request.
  • Note all windows fabricated for installation long side up fall of roof unless specified otherwise.

Colorbond Colours for Roofing

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