What size Skylight do I need?

A skylight functions in the same manner as an ordinary window. The larger the area that requires additional light the larger the skylight needs to be to provide that light. Alternately consider multiple skylights for large areas. There are often multiple light fittings in large rooms, Skylights may be used in the same fashion to great effect. Download our suggested size chart.

What is the difference between square and round skylights of the same size?

As previously noted the size of the skylight dictates the amount of light which can pass through it. Because of the shape of the skylight a square skylight has a 23% larger surface area than a round skylight of the same dimensions and therefore will allow for the transmission of 23% more light. This additional surface area along with the extra materials required to manufacture the skylight explains any price variations between the two.

What if I need a shaft longer than 2 metres to span my roof cavity?

It is always wise to pop your head up into your roof space before deciding what skylight is right for you. While you're in there just confirm 2 metres of shaft will be sufficient for your needs. If that is not the case we can always supply more shaft; just ask us. However, the further the light is required to travel down the shaft the more the intensity of the light which reaches the room below is compromised. This can be overcome by increasing the size of the skylight. This will allow more light to enter the skylight and thus more light to reach the room below. We would suggest that you increase the size of the skylight by a factor of 100mm for every metre, or part thereof, of additional shaft you need to attach.

Will there be a temperature increase when I have a skylight installed?

There is no significant increase to temperature when an insulated Acol Skylight is installed. This is because of the combined insulation effect of the double glazed polycarbonate skylight dome, the air barrier in the light shaft and the design of the light diffuser at ceiling level. The same principle also works in reverse helping to minimize the loss of heat from your home in winter.

Will our home be heated up in summer with the addition of a roof window?

Like any window there is opportunity for heat to pass through the glass of the window and enter your home. The amount of heat which comes into the home is minimal and can be reduced further through the selection of appropriate glazing or the use of a Solar Block-Out Blind.

Will I be subject to increased UV radiation if we install a skylight.?

UV Radiation can be considered a risk to a person’s health when a person is positioned directly in the path of the sun’s rays, or if you are in the vicinity of an environment which may reflect large amounts of these rays towards you. This is not a common occurrence when indoors, however, all of our molded domes are rated as 95% UV resistant. Our Supa-Lites have a TwinWall Polycarbonate dome which has UV blocking technology and when combined with a ceiling diffuser effectively negates the transmission of UV Radiation.

Will the light from a roof window keep me awake at night?

If you are installing a Roof window in your bedroom we would highly recommend installing a blind, just as you would use curtains for the other windows. We would suggest you seriously consider your situation before installing a skylight in a bedroom.

What are the benefits of Clear Prismatic Light Diffusers?

Clear prismatic diffusers consist of myriads of clear prisms which diffuse the light evenly over a wide area. This ensures the maximum light transmission and effectiveness of the product, while softening the light and nullifying glare.

Can I get a new diffuser or dome for a broken skylight?

Acol Skylights can replace damaged domes and diffusers for our own products. Just give us a call.

What if I have a damaged dome or diffuser and I don't know whose brand it is?

With broken diffusers we can replace square diffusers if we are supplied with an accurate size. These will be either a prismatic diffuser, or an opaque diffuser depending on your needs. We are not able to replace damaged round diffusers. If you have a broken dome we can't replace it with another molded or blown dome. We can replace it with a Flat TwinWall Polycarbonate dome if you can supply us with accurate measurements of the throat size of the current dome. Please follow the link below to a form explaining the process and indicating which measurement we require. Just print this form out, fill in the details and fax it over to us 03 5977 7467. Bear in mind this is only to replace the dome if you wish to replace the soaker tray as well please indicate this on the form.

Replacement dome dimensions form

What style of buildings are skylights best suited?

Acol skylights are designed to give added light to the interior of virtually any building. Whether it's a home, office, factory, school or shopping centre, Acol Skylights have a style to suit you.

How weather-proof are skylights?

Provided your Acol skylight is installed in line with the instructions, our weather-proofing will stand up to the most severe storms. Correct sealing ensures long-lasting protection from the elements.

Who can install my skylights for me?

Acol's Handi-Lites are supplied with easy to follow instructions and can be installed by just about anyone. The Supa-Lites do require a little more experience with the tools but most competent home handymen would find them no trouble to install. It may be wise to employ the services of a tradesman for the roof windows, but an experienced handyman would not be out of their depth. If in doubt contact your local tradesman or home maintenance man.

If I have a tile roof will I be required to cut the tiles?

In most cases it is likely that you will have to cut tiles in order to install the skylight. This should be a relatively simple procedure; ensure you follow the instructions enclosed to achieve the best result.

What do I do if I am having trouble installing my skylight??

Follow the links on this website for detailed installation instructions and guides. Or give us a call on 1800 010 566 and let us offer you some simple advice.

What if I have a Colorbond or tile roof and I want the flashings to match the exterior colour?

No problem at all, just let us know.

If I install a roof window high up in my ceiling how will I reach it to open and close it?

Acol Skylights offers a 3metre extension control rod which can be purchased and will allow you to manually operate roof windows high up in the roof.

Can I install a polycarbonate domed skylight in a bushfire prone area?

Rules can vary depending on the Local Council concerned. Many new buildings or renovations in bushfire prone areas will require the owners to conform to a BAL rating. Always check with your local council for any restrictions on your property or buildings before proceeding with major works.

What if my local Council says I can't use Polycarbonate or Acrylic?

No problem, all of our square or rectangular Supa-Lites are available with an option called FireStop. This is simply the replacement of the unsuitable component for a non-combustible alternative.

How do I maintain my skylight?

In order to get the best performance from your skylight it is essential that you undertake some periodic maintenance. The interior diffuser is designed to be removable, allowing you to occasionally remove and clean it. This will prevent a build-up of dust and insects which may have found their way into the skylight. It is also a good idea to clean the roof dome from time to time. We would suggest that whenever you clear your gutters you also remove any debris which has accumulated around the skylight dome, this will ensure the skylight’s weather-proof integrity is not compromised. This is also a good opportunity to clean the dome with warm soapy water to remove dirt and mould build-up.

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